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Huangguoshu Waterfalls

A New High-Speed Railway between Chengdu and Guiyang Opens

Dec 16, 2019275Chengdu

On Dec. 16, 2019, a new high-speed rail line linking Chengdu and Guiyang in southwestern China is officially in service. The earliest train C6041 departs from Chengdu East for Guiyang North at 6:58 am, which marks the completion of the full-line operation for the high-speed railway connecting two big tourist delights, giant pandas and ethnic minority tribes.

Guizhou MinoritiesHigh-Speed TrainHuangguoshu WaterfallSouthwest China
Tuyuhun Tomb Seal

Millennium-Old Royal Tomb Uncovered in Gansu Northwest China

Nov 20, 2019552Gansu

In November 2019, Chinese archaeologists have uncovered a Tuyuhun royal tomb of dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) in northwest China's Gansu Province, according to the Gansu Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology.

Archaeological ExcavationRoyal TombTuyuhun KingdomSilk Road
Drinking Vessel in Erlitou Relic Museum

Erlitou Relic Museum of the Xia Capital Opens to Public in Luoyang China

Nov 19, 2019593Luoyang

The Erlitou Relic Museum in Luoyang central China officially opens to the public on Saturday, 19, October 2019, exhibiting archeological items to uncover the history and culture relic of ancient China’s first recorded dynasty of Xia (2070-1600 B.C.).

Chinese CivilizationErlitou Relic MuseumXia Dynasty
Tiankeng Found in Napo Guangxi

A Massive Cluster of 19 Tiankengs Discovered in Guangxi Southwest China

Nov 15, 2019493Guangxi

In November 2019, a science expedition of multinational geologists discovered a new world-class cluster of Tiankengs (an area of naturally formed pits) in Napo County, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China Geology Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources announced on Friday.

Heavenly PitsTiankengsWulong TiankengKarst Landscape
Horse-Head Statue from Yuanmingyuan

Horse-Head Statue of Old Summer Palace Finally Returns to China after 159 Years

Nov 13, 2019905Beijing

A rare bronze horse head statue from Beijing's Old Summer Palace was finally returned to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage 159 years after it was looted. The statue made a debut with another reclaimed cultural relics from overseas since 1949, at an exhibition held at the National Museum of China in Beijing on Wednesday.

12 Zodiac SignsCultural RelicsHorse-Head StatueOld Summer Palace
Tibetan Buddhist Murals

Tibetan Buddhism Murals from 13th Century Discovered in Yushu Qinghai

Nov 08, 2019588Qinghai

On Nov. 8, 2019, a set of Tibetan Buddhist murals were unearthed from a construction site in Nangqian County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai. It was identified as a mural work dating back to 13rd century (the initial stage of the Tibetan Buddhism) and also the earliest Tibetan Buddhist wall paintings found in Qinghai, according to a director of the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Cultural RelicsTibetan BuddhismYushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport Opens with World's Biggest Terminal

Sep 25, 20191093Beijing

On September 25, 2019, Chinese President Xi Jinping inaugurated Beijing Daxing International Airport ahead of celebrations of the country's 70th anniversary.

Beijing Daxing International AirportChina's 70th AnniversaryWorld's Biggest Terminal
Shanghai Nanjing Road

Shanghai Plans to Extend Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street All the Way to the Bund!

Sep 15, 2019647Shanghai

In September 2019, Shanghai is going to extend Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street all the way east to the Bund, based on an official announcement on the 20th anniversary of Nanjing Road's opening up.

Commercial StreetNanjing RoadShopping ParadiseThe Bund
Potala Palace

Potala Palace Needs Reservation for Entry Now

Jul 21, 2019653Tibet

Travelers wishing to visit the UNESCO-listed Potala Palace are required to make the reservation for entry ticket at least one day in advance starting from July 21, 2019.

Peak SeasonPotala PalaceTicket ReservationUNESCO World Heritage Site
Cultural Relics of Liangzhu Ruins

China's Ruins of Liangzhu City Joins UNESCO World Heritage Site List

Jul 15, 2019814Hangzhou

The archaeological ruins of ancient Liangzhu City in Hangzhou China was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site during the 43rd session of the UNESCO's World Heritage Committee in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on July 6th, 2019.

Archaeological ExcavationLiangzhu Ancient CityPrehistorical CivilizationUNESCO World Heritage Site
Brick Stove Site on Badaling

First Brick Stove Site Discovered on Badaling Great Wall

Jun 09, 2019768Beijing

A brick stove site was unearthed in the No. 65 watchtower of Badaling Great Wall during a recent maintenance project in June, 2019.

Badaling Great WallBrick StoveCultural RelicsWatchtower

Beijing Launches a New Tourist Train S5 to Northeastern Suburbs

May 01, 2019980Beijing

At 06:50 am of April 30, 2019, the new tourist train S5 first runs from Huangtudian Station to Gubeikou, which marks the official run-through operation of Beijing's another urban railway.

Gubei Water TownTourist TrainSimatai Great Wall
144-Hour Visa Free Transit

5 More Cities in China Enjoy 144-Hour Visa Free Transit since January 1, 2019

Jan 01, 2019713Qingdao

From January 1, 2019, China expands the 144 Hour Visa-Free Transit Policy to 5 more cities including Qingdao, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chengdu and Kunming.

Layover TripTravel Permit144 hours visa free transit
Corner Tower Cafe

Corner Tower Café at Forbidden City Goes Viral in Beijing

Dec 02, 2018850Beijing

On December 1, 2018, Corner Tower Café opens at the Shenwu Gate of Forbidden City and quickly becomes a hot spot for visitors home and abroad. The biggest highlights of the café is that one could experience the culture of the Forbidden City and enjoy the latest imperial coffee without buying a ticket into the Place Museum.

Corner Tower CaféForbidden CityImperial CoffeePalace Museum
Yinshan Rock Painting

Inner Mongolia's Yinshan Rock Paintings Uncover Vanishing Nomadic Civilization

Oct 08, 2018861Inner Mongolia

Yinshan Rock Paintings are widely scattered in Inner Mongolia, while one can find the massive and dense rock art at the Heishan Mountains of Bayannuur city. Stretching over 340 kilometers from east to west, there are more than 10,000 rock paintings could be found. At the valleys and cliffs of Yinshan Mountains, some rock paintings could be dated back to 100,000 years ago.

Inner MongoliaPrehistorical CivilizationRock Paintings

Guizhou's Fanjing Mountain Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site

Jul 06, 2018663Guizhou

Fanjing Mountain in Southwest China's Guizhou province was added to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List at the 42nd session of World Heritage Committee in Manama, Bahrain, on July 2, 2018.

Danxia LandformFanjing MountainUNESCO World Heritage SiteBuddhismKarst LandscapeEthnic MinorityWildlife SpeciesWorld Heritage Committee

Shanghai Disneyland Prices Up!

Jun 07, 20181160Shanghai

"Regular" price of tickets will be CNY 339, increased by 7.8%, while "Peak" seasons including summer holiday from July to August, weekend and most festivals are priced in CNY 575, rose to 15%.

Shanghai DisneylandAdmission PricePeak HolidayMickey

Workers Risking Their Lives to Replace Plank Walkways on Mt. Hua

May 24, 2018826Xi'an

Recently, a video has been a hit on social media and TV networks that cliff-hanging workers are changing the rotten plank at an altitude of over 2,000 meters.

Mt. HuaPlank WalkwaysChangkong Cliff Road

10-Hour Flight Bridges Xi'an and London

May 08, 2018866Xi'an

Tianjin Airline is to launch the first direct flight which takes you as short as 10 hours from Xi'an, the starting point of Silk Road, to London, the capital of England on May 7, 2018. Equipped with A330 aircraft, the newly opened airline is going to operate two flights a week and consist of 18 business classes as well as 242 economy classes.

Flight between Xian and LondonTianjin AirlineSilk RoadTerra-cotta WarriorsCity WallBig Wild Goose Pagoda

A College Student Succeeds in Longboard Downhill Challenge of the 99-bend Tianmen Mountain

May 05, 2018996Zhangjiajie

A 21-year-old college student named Qing Yunhui perfectly completes his long board downhill challenge error-free in 18 minutes on the 11-km-long zigzagging paths of Tianmen Mountain.

Tianmen MountainZhangjiajieLongboard Downhill99 Bends RoadDownhill Challenge