Why No-Shopping Tours

For the dream China vacation you have been longing for, choose a No-Shopping Tour. It will guarantee a worry-free and enjoyable vacation for these reasons.

Make the most of your time

On a No-Shopping tour, your time will be solely used for sightseeing and the exploration of local culture. Conversely on Shopping Tours, a large amount of time is spent at commissioned-shopping stores where things are sold at elevated prices. Travelers are expected to buy at these rates and are detoured to more stores until targets are met.

Find the best Value for your money

No-Shopping Tours with seemingly higher prices ensure the ultimate value for your vacation money because you avoid all hidden costs or fees. On Shopping Tours, less of your time and money is spent on cultural experiences and more will be spent on poor quality souvenirs that you will end up spending much more, which is just a waste of your money.

Experience real discovery

You can fully trust your tour guides of No-Shopping Tours as they only strive to show you the real China, share with you interesting folk stories, and connect you with the Chinese people. Our reputation is important to us and we appreciate your good opinion. Those who take Shopping Tours have to be alert for everything shared by the tour guides, as it could just be tiresome encouragement of shopping in the commissioned shops where you will be taken next.

When you need to shop, we help you do it like the locals

Brief shopping is an important part of your vacation to bring home nice and memorable gifts for your family and friends. Our tour guides are very knowledgeable of local markets and the shops that locals go to for great quality at reasonable prices. You will be able to get what you want instead of being taken advantage of at “tourist traps” on Shopping Tours.