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China Travel Guide

Vast in area, varied in landscapes, rich in history, travelling in China always meets the needs of tourists of different ages, interests and styles. China, listed by Lonely Planet as one of the Top 10 Countries to visit in 2018, has become a more and more popular destination for world travelers since the last several decades. As one of the world's oldest civilizations, China captivates travelers with its many historic World Heritage Sites, stunning landscapes from beautiful mountains to vast deserts, and diverse cultures of its main population Han People and 55 groups of minorities. Megacities with roaring skyscrapers and fast paced life lead travelers to the modern side of the old nation while remote villages in southwest part attract people with the primitive ways of living.


Top China Attractions

The Great Wall of China

An immense military defensive system stretching over 21,000 km, the Great Wall is one of the most universally-admired world heritages and the most iconic symbol of China. It is always the leading reason many travelers find themselves in China thanks to being in grand size, being built with integrated military functions, holding much history, snaking its way through many majestic mountain vistas, etc.


The Forbidden City

On approach to the rustic fortifications of faded red defensive walls and tall gates the Forbidden City rises into view. The sensational Forbidden City has been listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its well-preserved ancient structures and is one of the largest palace centres in the world.


The Forbidden City

On approach to the rustic fortifications of faded red defensive walls and tall gates the Forbidden City rises into view. The sensational Forbidden City has been listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its well-preserved ancient structures and is one of the largest palace centres in the world.


Terra-cotta Warrior & Horses Museum

The incredible underground Terracotta Army was brought to public fortuitously in 1974 while some local peasants were digging a well for their irrigation system. They not only introduced this great archaeological site to the public, but also made explosive news all around the world. Listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also considered by some to be the Eighth Wonder of the World for the exceptional technical and artistic quality.


Guilin / Yangshuo

An astonishing mix of compelling karst limestone scenery, stunning waterscape, diverse geography, exotic minority culture, and idyllic countryside, Guilin, together with its nearby Yangshuo and Longji Terraced Fields, is home to a wealth of wonders and one of the top destinations where most tourists find themselves when they are on their China tour holidays.


Yangtze River Cruise

The Yangtze River, 6380 kilometers long, starts from Jari River, a highland flood in the northwestern part of China, running its way throughout dozens of cities with varied geographic conditions and awesome scenic spots and finally flows into China's East Sea. Yangtze River Cruise trip is an ideal choice for one to experience both the spectacular natural attractions, the awesome dam and more impressing, the people there.


More Popular Attractions

Chengdu Giant Panda

China's National star mammal, Giant Panda, attracts fans from all over the world. Known to everyone, it is one of the rarest animals and now enjoys State First-class Protection in China. Giant Panda's distinctive look with black patches around its eyes and relaxed lifestyle mainly consisting of eating and sleeping is a true wonder to see. The Chengdu Giant Panda Research and Breeding Center is very popular among panda fans with over 50 pandas while Dujiangyan Panda Base offers a chance to work as a Panda Keeper to get up close to these stars.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

The famous Hollywood movie Avatar directed by James Cameron impressed people with not only the show itself but the magic scene shot at the astonishing Hallelujah Mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, where all the densely scattered pillar-like peaks make the scenic spot a real Pandora Land. With the stunning Sky Walk built along Tianmen Mountain and Glass Bridge over Grand Canyon, Zhangjiajie has become one of the top destinations for tourists and shutterbugs.

West Lake in Hangzhou

A tranquil mirror-like lake in Hangzhou where the 2017 G20 Summit was held. West Lake gained its fame for its natural beauty which varies from season to season. To enjoy the magnificence of the lake, you could either embark on a boat to enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Lake, bike around the peaceful lake or just take a leisurely stroll in the nice breezes around the lake. Together with the famous nearby dragon-well tea plantation and the historic Lingyin Temple, a pleasant and cultural tour will enrich your stay in Hangzhou.

Yellow Mountain

With an amazing sunrise, sea of cloud, pine trees and picturesque rocks, Yellow Mountain has long been famous in China for its breathtaking sceneries. It was frequently depicted in ancient Chinese water-painting masterpieces and is still one of the favorite destinations of modern photographers. The cable car will save you time and energy for an essential part of West Sea Canyon for soaking up the spectacle of the mountain. Nowadays, only 3 hours ride from Hangzhou and 4 hours ride from Shanghai by high speed train makes access to the enchanting beauty of Yellow Mountain faster and easier.

Potala Palace in Tibet

Mysterious, magnificent and holy Potala Palace, located in Tibet China, served as the Winter Palace of for the Dailai Lamas and held significant political activities and religious ceremonies. Rising from the hill with the noble white and majestic red colors plus ingenious design, the Palace glitters its solemnity and grandeur peacefully in the sun, awaiting pilgrims and travelers alike.

Hong Kong

Speaking of Hong Kong, it naturally comes up with its enchanting view of Victoria Harbor, magnificent mountain sceneries, fun traditional festivals, bustling shopping streets, fairytale Disneyland and great ancient temples. Hong Kong's colonial history and cultural intersection of east and west are just a few unique experiences of one of the most amazing cities in the world. Thanks to the convenient transportation as an international trade hub, Hong Kong is only a flight ticket away.

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